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The New Mexico Property and Evidence Technician Association hosted the 14th Annual N.M.P.E.T. Conference this week.
We hope you gained great insight, knowledge, and resources from the conference and the incredible training provided by Evidence Management Institute and Tracker Products.

As you may have realized during conference, being a member comes with many advantages, including:

Networking opportunities where you can exchange ideas, share knowledge, and build relationships with people who can help you grow your career and help your agency be even better
Professional development opportunities that help you stay competetive and informed while advancing your career
Access to resources that help you stay informed and make better decisions
Recognition of your commitment to your profession

The 2023 Conference was a great success. With over 75 attendees from all around New Mexico and even a couple from another state, the venue was full and many great questions and discussions were had. The experience of attendees in the room ranged from one week to 30 years in property and evidence. With the opportunity to learn, network, and discuss with people of such a wide range of experience lengths and roles, this year's conference was THE experience of the year for property and evidence technicians in New Mexico.

Whether you were able to attend or not, we are happy to have you as a member! If you weren't able to make it in person this conference, know that you were missed. We hope that you can join us next year, but remember, the benefits of your membership don't stop with the conference. Year-round you can find resources and opportunities on our website and Facebook page. We are always growing and expanding so, stay tuned for even more ways to connect.

Let us know below in the comments the best thing you learned or the part of the Conference you most enjoyed!